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A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Offering community-based trust, investment, and wealth management services was a key priority for the founders of Virginia National Bank.  Today VNB continues to serve clients in these capacities.


VNB Trust and Estate Services

VNB offers trust, estate, custody and administration services through VNB Trust and Estate Services, a division of VNB.

VNB Trust and Estate Services


Sturman Wealth Advisors

VNB offers wealth management services through Sturman Wealth Advisors, a division of VNB.

Sturman Wealth Advisors

Clicking the link above will take you off the Virginia National Bank website.


TFB Wealth Management

TFB Wealth Management  Access TFB WM Trust and Brokerage accounts


Beginning July 26, 2021, TFB Wealth Management’s website will be integrated under the Virginia National Bank umbrella. There will be no changes to your investments and all accounts and services will remain the same. The TFB Wealth Management Department will still be located at the same address. TFB Wealth Management client Log In links will be found under Virginia National Bank’s website. There are no changes to your access link(s) or username(s). If you visit www.tfb.bank, then you will be redirected to the Virginia National Bank website.

There are no other changes that will impact our valued TFB Wealth Management clients. We are proud of our longstanding relationships with the community and plan to continue assisting our TFB Wealth Management clients. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account(s), please reach out to your TFB Wealth Management advisor at 540.347.6709.

Thank you for banking with Virginia National Bank.