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Dr. Darryl Voschke - Active Health Chiropractic

Apple Pay

It is easy to add your Virginia National Bank card to your Apple Pay® Wallet. 

  • Step 1:  Add your VNB card to your Wallet

    Open your Apple Pay® Wallet and click on the plus icon.  Take a photo of your VNB card or enter the information manually.
  • Step 2:  Verify your VNB card in your Wallet

    This process should only take a few seconds, in some instances additional verification is required by phone.


You can update your default card in your Wallet to your VNB card by following these steps:

  • Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay® > Default Card > Select VNB Debit or Credit Card

To pay with Apple Pay, look for the following symbols at checkout.


Please read our terms of use for Digital Wallets.