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May 04, 2023

New CD Rates at VNB

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CD Rates at VNB


Flexibility that fits your needs.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

  • 6-MONTH CD at 4.50% APY*
  • 9-MONTH CD at 5.10% APY**
  • 12-MONTH CD at 4.75% APY*
  • 15-MONTH CD at 5.10% APY*
*Minimum Deposit to Open $500
**Minimum Deposit to Open $1,000
6-Month, 9-Month, 12-Month, and 15-Month APY-Annual Percentage Yield on these Certificate of Deposit accounts are accurate as of May 4, 2023.  Limited time offer subject to change without notice.  Minimum to open the 9-Month CD account is $1,000, and the minimum to open the 6-Month, 12-Month and 15-Month CD accounts is $500.  Minimum balance to earn the 5.10% APY in 9-Month CD is $1,000.  If the balance of the 9-Month CD falls below the minimum balance, the rate will automatically change to 1.75% APY.  Early withdrawal penalties may apply.  Fees may reduce earnings on the accounts.  After maturity of each of these CDs, the CD will rollover to a CD with the same maturity, and you will earn the base rate of interest then in effect for such CD.  

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