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October 28, 2014

A Look Into Commercial Banking Relationships With Linda Hitchings

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Partner with Virginia National Bank for All Your Commercial Banking Needs

In July 1998, Virginia National Bank was founded by local businessmen concerned that the Charlottesville/Albemarle community had lost an essential component needed by the local buLinda Hitchingssiness community - local bankers.  The acquisition of Jefferson National Bank and Central Fidelity Bank by Wachovia Bank had created a void in the banking arena.   With the formation of VNB, local experienced bankers were recruited, bringing to the bank not only years of banking experience but solid business relationships which had been forged over many years.

Building relationships is a key factor in adding value to a customer’s banking experience.  Some of our customers have been with their respective banker for well over 25 years.  The relationship has been built on creditability, accountability and trust developed through many experiences.  Virginia National Bank truly values the relationship of its customers and welcomes every opportunity to assist them.

Virginia National Bank relies on local decision makers to make sound decisions for both the customer and the bank.  Our discipline in the good times allowed us to weather the bad times to continue to help our customers.  Our approach is to try to find a solution or option while sharing with our customers why that option is the best answer for them.    Commercial lending is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.   We take the time to listen to our customers, know them and their business and help them determine what the best fit is for them.    Each customer, due to their own uniqueness, requires a commercial lender/banker that will take the time to build a relationship and understand their business and their financial needs.

Our loan view considers all aspects of the customer’s needs and circumstances to ensure the end results are the best possible.  Banking in 2014 is very competitive and we know that customers must obtain the best financial deal possible.  We take that into account when designing and pricing our loan products.  In our loan pricing, the entire relationship is reviewed to ensure all the customer’s dollars are working hard for them.  With local decision makers, we are able to review the current market, customer needs and make changes quickly to respond to our ever changing financial market. 

The words that best fit VNB’s lending practices are discipline, competitiveness, timeliness and flexibility.  Discipline allows the bank to help its customers make sound decisions not only for today, but for the long term.  Competitiveness ensures that both products and pricing will be to the customer’s advantage.  Timeliness provides the urgency that customers need when a situation interrupts their planning.  Flexibility allows the individual customer’s needs to be considered to generate options that may provide better solutions.

Virginia National Bank’s commercial lenders are anxious and excited to develop new relationships while continuing to build and appreciate existing relationships.  We welcome the chance to assist our customers as well as the opportunity to meet with new folks in our community, get to know them and show them it really is all about people… and always will be.

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October 22, 2014

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Last month, the White House proclaimed October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The fact that the cyber threat is one of the gravest national security dangers that the United States faces is nothing new, however. Cyberspace is woven into every part of our lives, not just banking. Whether you are old or young, cybersecurity awareness is becoming more important as it integrates with your daily life. It is becoming easier to connect with friends and family throughout the world, as well as keep up with current events. But with this convenience comes additional risk. Ironically, the additional risk leads to a reduction in convenience. We should all use the latest software to thwart malicious software and use complicated, ever-changing passwords to keep our online identities safe. But many of us still do not think about normal web browsing as a dangerous activity. A software security company, McAfee, publishes an annual list of celebrity searches that lead to infected sites. This is only one example of how dangerous cyberspace has become.

The Department of Homeland Security has developed a campaign called “Stop.Think.Connect.”  There are helpful resources for students, parents, educators, small businesses, older Americans, and more. Statistics you may not be aware of are available to heighten awareness of the dangers. For instance, 75% of children will share personal information for goods and services.  Also, cybercrime costs the world more than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine, and heroin combined. Visit www.stcguide.com to learn more.

Identity theft is one of the more catastrophic results of cybercrime. The effects of identity theft are often very difficult to rectify and can take a protracted amount of time, while everyday life and expenses can become unmanageable. Awareness is a good preventive measure, but an identity theft service is a good idea as insurance to help avoid identity theft and help victims recover. There are several companies that offer services to help protect your identity. Virginia National Bank has partnered with TrustedID to offer our customers identity protection. Visit our website at www.vnb.com/care to find out more and to enroll.

 Below are more Cybersecurity Awareness links to explore.




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