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September 28, 2018

Celebrating VNB’s 20th Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary Cake

It makes us proud as members of the Virginia National Bank family to celebrate our 20th anniversary — crossing yet another milestone in our company’s history! We want to take this occasion as an opportunity to thank the communities, businesses, charitable organizations and individuals we serve in both Charlottesville and Winchester.

We opened our doors on July 29, 1998 in the historic downtown mall location in Charlottesville with more than 900 local shareholders. We set out with a vision to unleash possibilities, create opportunities, and celebrate mutual successes and be recognized as a trusted partner. We made it our mission to service our community with convenient and fast access to services, products and decision makers. We are proud to be community bankers that work with a vested interest in the financial health and longevity of the Virginians we serve.

As a true community bank and leader for 20 years, we hold a stake in the growth of our towns. We make sure to meet the needs of our community with innovative solutions that enhance growth during times of prosperity and protect clients during times of economic downturn. As we continue to grow, we remain steadfastly focused on the ingredients of our success. We remain true to our strategic initiatives, culture and our customers that make the bank great.

Celebrating 20 Year Work Anniversaries

We would also like to take the opportunity to recognize the service of nine employees hired at VNB in 1998 who continue to work here today. Without employees like them, achieving our 20 years of service wouldn’t be possible. That's why we say, "It's all about people . . . and always will be."

Congratulations to the following individuals who are celebrating their 20th Anniversary at VNB: Gina Bayes, Maury Early, Pat Higgins, Linda Hitchings, Sherrie Huber, Rosie Hunt, Kathleen Minor, Pat Morris, and Becky VanDenHeuvel.

Commitment to Community and Service

Our community is our first priority. Our employees provide countless hours of community service to local nonprofits by both volunteering and participating in fundraising events. This year, VNB supported and attended the Senior Center’s annual Gala, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia’s Big Gig, the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA’s Critter Ball, the Emily Couric Leadership Luncheon, and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Blue Ridge’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake, to name a few. We are looking forward to attending the Virginia Institute of Autism’s annual Gala and more community events this Fall.

These fundraising events are crucial to the survival of these non-profit organizations and their impact on the Charlottesville community. Throughout VNB’s 20 years of serving Charlottesville and Winchester, it has always been important to us to play an integral role in the social fabric of the community.

Products and Services

Personal banking can prove to be a formidable process for many individuals. So, at VNB, we believe in providing straightforward products that always puts the customer first and are easy to use. As a local bank, we always operate within our customers’ best interests. That’s why we take pride in serving our customers with a local and personalized approach.

Additionally, we strive to equip businesses with the best tools possible that help them contribute to the local economy, create jobs and add to the vibrant social landscapes of Charlottesville and Winchester. Every business needs a reliable banking partner. VNB supports a variety of our valued customers and local business owners by featuring them in advertisements on our website, lobby monitors, on CBS19 News, and in the Daily Progress. As members of the community ourselves, we have a vested interest in our local businesses succeeding. That’s why we only recommend businesses products and services that make sense to our community.

VNB also offers wealth management services to take your money further. Our founders believed in providing a localized approach to financial planning and investment management which is designed to provide clients with a comprehensive wealth management solution. This includes wealth management, wealth advisory services as well as trust and estate services.

We Love Success Stories

At VNB, nothing makes us prouder than seeing our clients succeed. It only makes our community stronger. In our newsletter, we highlight clients doing good in our community either through philanthropy or through growing their businesses. Last month, our customer spotlight went to MarieBette Café and Bakery of Charlottesville.  Owners, Jason Becton and Patrick Evans, met at the International Culinary Center and opened their European-inspired bakery MarieBette Café and Bakery in 2014 that was named after their daughters, Marian and Betty. They offer a delectable assortment of European baked goods, coffee and brunch food. The bakery brings a unique experience to Charlottesville through providing a place to gather and connect over good food (what could be better than that?). VNB is proud to play a role in the success of MarieBette Café and Bakery and countless other local businesses we all love. That’s why we do what we do!

August 28, 2018

VNB Is a Pawtner of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA

Virginia National Bank (VNB) has been a proud “Pawtner” of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (CASPCA) since 2014. The Pawtnership demonstrates VNB’s commitment to supporting the life-saving programs at the CASPCA by contributing in a variety of ways.  VNB is dedicated to helping the homeless, sick, and neglected animals in our community.

The benefits of being a Pawtner include:

  • Top presenting sponsorship of the Critter Ball and bow-WOW-walk fundraising events
  • A splash page on the CASPCA’s website sponsoring the “Pet of the Month”
  • Logo on the homepage of the CASPCA website – 300,000 website visitors annually
  • Recognition sign in front of the CASPCA
  • Recognition in the CASPCA newsletter – mailed to 15,000+ households

In addition to the support given through the Pawtnership, VNB’s President and CEO, Glenn Rust, served as chair of the CASPCA’s board for nine years. Currently, VNB’s Chief Credit Officer, Gina Bayes, serves on the board of the CASPCA. By donating time and expertise, VNB’s contributions go far beyond monetary value. It is important to provide a safe, caring place for the animals in need within the community where VNB’s customers and employees live and work. Gina further explains, “Saving the animals that are abandoned, homeless, or found in horrible living conditions is vital for our community. The support VNB provides goes straight to the CASPCA so they can provide the very best care and services for the thousands of dogs and cats each year. The local support given by companies, like VNB, is imperative for their programs to continue.”

Join VNB at the upcoming Critter Ball fundraiser on Thursday, September 27 at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. The evening will include dinner, a live auction and entertainment by Motown performers Kustom Made!

If your business is interested in becoming a Pawtner please contact the development office at the CASPCA at 434-973-5959.

August 16, 2018

Earn Higher Returns on Your Savings with Premium Money Market Accounts

Premium Money Market Accounts

Premium money market accounts are deposit accounts offered by banks and other financial institutions to customers with significant minimum balances who want the highest interest rate available from a savings account. For prospering customers who want to avoid potentially risky stock or bond investments, yet still seek returns on savings and federal deposit insurance that cash holdings cannot match, a premium money market account may be a good choice.

Premium money market accounts are a type of money market account. The main difference in that they generate higher interest rates than ordinary money market accounts, interest rates that are generally markedly higher than traditional savings accounts.

Because interest is paid every cycle, these accounts feature the full power of compounding – an excellent way for customers to put their money work for them over the long-term.  

Higher minimum balances are required for premium money market accounts. There are also limits on the number of transactions during each billing cycle, including withdrawals.  

These accounts are best for customers who want available liquidity on their savings, yet do not need to make regular withdrawals and can leave the principal and interest largely undisturbed.

[Premium and ordinary money market accounts (both forms of bank savings accounts) should not be confused with money market funds, which are investments in short-term debt securities.]

Virginia National Bank (VNB) offers premium money market accounts that can meet our customers’ needs. We invite you to contact our experts today to learn more about VNB's account options.

The primary advantage is a higher interest rate, but there are other benefits too:

Secure Returns: The interest rate is not only high, but clearly defined and paid every cycle. This makes premium money market accounts more reliable than many stock market investments.

Safety: Like all bank savings products, premium money market accounts are insured by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Within FDIC limits, your money is safe.

Ready Access: These accounts can be accessed several times each statement cycle without limits on withdrawals, providing liquidity as ready cash to cover unexpected expenses.

Easy Check-Writing: A certain number of checks can be written from these accounts in each statement cycle, so there is no need to transfer money from savings to checking.

Returns on savings are guaranteed and can grow as the interest compounds.

For customers who have accumulated substantial savings, premium money market accounts can potentially provide more effective ways of saving to meet longer-term goals. These include:

Life’s Big Purchases: Maybe it’s for new cars, dream vacations, school expenses or weddings, but the higher interest rates of premium money market accounts can potentially help you reach major life goals more quickly. These accounts can also be combined within other accounts to save for the real big-ticket items, such as primary or vacation homes and college tuition costs.

Rainy Day Funds: That premium money market funds have withdrawal restrictions can keep customers from depleting their accounts to satisfy life’s immediate desires. This can keep these funds securely tucked away for emergencies, when customers need that money most.

Premium money market accounts from VNB offer attractive interest rates, secure returns, safety and flexibility. We hope you will contact our experts to open one of these accounts today.


•    Minimum opening deposit of $1,000
•    6 withdrawals allowed per statement cycle period
•    $15 per withdrawal after 6 withdrawals
•    $100,000 minimum balance to avoid monthly maintenance fee of $12
•    Interest paid monthly
•    Tiered premium interest rates: (Rates effective February 1, 2018, subject to change)
      Under $100,000 – same interest rates as Money Market Account
      $100,000 to $499,999.99 .75% APY*
      $500,000 to $999,999.99 1.00% APY*
      $1,000,000 to $4,999,999.99 1.11% APY*
      $5,000,000 and over 1.26% APY*
*    Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
•    Monthly statements
•    No transaction fee for the use of Virginia National Bank ATMs

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