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April 17, 2014

What Did VNB Do This Weekend?

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It was a busy weekend for VNB employees!

Some of us started bright and early Saturday with the Virginia Institute of Autism’s Run for Autism 5k:

(Photo from the Virginia Institute of Autism)

It was a beautiful sunny day, and we joined more than 1200 runners, including many VIA students, at the start line:

(Photo from the Virginia Institute of Autism)

Runners this year raised over $90,000 for the VIA school!

The race left us hungry, so next we headed to the Downtown Chili Showdown:

We checked in on Kelly and Leonard Sebesta, who were hard at work! We sampled Kelly’s award-winning chili and her excellent corn bread.

We are so proud that for the second year in a row, Kelly took home a trophy! Congratulations to her on winning both Best Booth and the People’s Choice award for outstanding chili!

(Leonard Sebesta, Brooke Jenkins, and Kelly Sebesta)

Red Shoe C’ville raised close to $8000 for the Ronald McDonald House this year – way to go Brooke!

Saturday evening, we got dressed up and headed out to Trump Winery for the American Heart Association’s Charlottesville Heart Ball:

What a beautiful venue! We were proud to sponsor such a wonderful event.

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April 11, 2014

Notice to Customers Regarding Heartbleed

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On April 7th, the OpenSSL organization publicized a new, critical vulnerability called “Heartbleed." This vulnerability is basically a flaw in the software that many web servers use to make them secure. The result of the flaw is that private information may be accessible to unintended parties. The systems that Virginia National Bank uses for Online Banking do not use any of the software that contains the vulnerability.We have been in close touch with vendors that provide services to the bank and all systems appear to be secure and unaffected by this problem. Nonetheless, we are treating it as deserving of high-level risk attention. We will continue to pay close attention to any developments in the situation surrounding “Heartbleed." In the meantime, the most commonly recommended course of action for individuals is to change passwords on any website where you login. This is especially important if you use a common id and password for sites where you login. Even though Virginia National Bank systems are unaffected, you could still be compromised if you use the same password on other systems. This situation could allow someone to guess your bank password is the same as another system and login with your password.


Please be assured that Virginia National Bank takes every precaution to protect your privacy and we appreciate the opportunity for your business. 

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April 08, 2014

The Paramount Theater Announces VNB as 2014 Executive Producer Club Sponsor

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The Board of Directors of The Paramount Theater announced Virginia National Bank’s second annual commitment as an Executive Producer Club Sponsor at the live broadcast of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game.  Chris Eure, Executive Director of The Paramount, introduced Glenn Rust, CEO & President of VNB and thanked the company for designating the sponsorship to the enhancement of the theater’s community programming for the coming year.  The Paramount Producers Club is an ongoing community initiative that couples the mission of The Paramount with like-minded businesses and individuals who also understand the value of bringing the arts and education to every corner of the Charlottesville community. 


“We are delighted to once again partner and support the community’s most treasured performing arts center, The Paramount Theater,” notes Glenn Rust. “Because VNB is also dedicated to serving our local community, The Paramount partnership has been a natural and successful experience for us.  We are particularly proud to be involved in bringing quality performances for all of Central Virginia to enjoy.”

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April 07, 2014

Customer Campaign: Helping to Grow the Local Economy

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Matt Frey, Sammy Snacks

Matt Frey, CEO of Sammy Snacks, has seen the company grow by leaps and bounds since he assumed the CEO position in 2007. Sammy Snacks, headquartered in Charlottesville, Va., began its banking relationship with Virginia National Bank in 2005 and together they have been partners during the critical stages of the company’s growth. The influx of capital, over time, allowed the company to expand, now serving a customer base that stretches along the east coast from Florida to Maine.

“We want to continue the expansion and move west across the U.S. in the next phase of our business growth,” said Frey. Some of the early loans helped the company take their branding to a new level, with pre-printed packaging, increased warehouse space, and the ability to hire additional full-time employees.  “It just feels right, keeping our banking local, while helping to grow the local economy,” he said.

“When I started, Sammy Snacks was producing at most 10,000 pounds of all natural dog and cat food and treats per month. Today, we produce up to  80,000 pounds of our product per month. That’s a lot of pet food!” said Frey.

Frey said that keeping Sammy Snacks, a small, locally-based company, in a banking relationship with a small, locally-based community bank is important to him. “There’s far less red tape; if there’s something I need, I can call David Mellen, my VNB lender, who is extremely responsive and helpful in providing valuable insight into whatever the situation requires.  When a company experiences rapid growth, it’s good to know a solid financial advisor is right down the street.”

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